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DHL plays an integral role in the world of fashion, supporting businesses of all sizes around the globe. From small online start-ups to multinational fashion houses, we make sure the complexities of logistics and supply chains, such as warehousing and delivery, are looked after and taken care of by us to fit the nature and specifications of our clients.

What can DHL do for your Fashion Business?

From International Supply Chain analysis and design to E-Commerce Fulfilment Solution, DHL aims for excellence in everything we do. To support fashion businesses at any size and stage, brick-and-mortar and E-Commerce, we offer a number of tailored services. Find out more by clicking on the symbols below:

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DHL has also created a study in cooperation with the CFDA: Under the title "The Human-Centered Supply Chain" we examine the future of fashion logistics with a focus on central challenges and actions areas for supply chains in the fashion industry. Based on the study results, we put together a "Designer’s Playbook" that will help support aspiring designers to establish their fashion labels successfully.


The global fashion industry largely impacts our environment. Our mission is to reach zero emissions by 2050. In pursuit of this goal and to push sustainable practices forward in fashion, we worked with the British Fashion Council (BFC) and NGO Julia’s Bicycle to develop the “Fashion and Environment White Paper”.

Our White Paper gives fashion companies and designers recommendations for sustainable practices and explores future-facing solutions that ensures we continue trending towards responsible fashion.


In 2019, we cultivated strong partnerships within the fashion world. We enabled fashion companies’ and designers’ global growth and worked closely with several industry associations, including the British Fashion Council (BFC), the Council of Fashion Designer of America (CDFA), the Business of Fashion (BOF), and Camera Nationale della Moda Italiana (CNMI).


As the partner of fashion businesses of all sizes, DHL is part of the fabric of the 2.4 trillion-dollar global industry. In 2018, DHL partnered with Business of Fashion, a leading resource for fashion business intelligence, to deliver a series of high-profile podcast interviews. 6 entrepreneurial talents told their stories on how they built their global fashion businesses. Stay tuned for another exciting project to come in 2020!

José Neves

"You are not going to forgive yourself
if you don't do it."

Diane von Furstenberg

"All of a sudden I had two – three million dollars of inventory.
I was terrified. What now?"

Bobby Kim

"Passion is infectious."

Alexandre Mattiussi

"I don't want to work on my weaknesses,
I prefer to work on my strengths."

Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa

"Good ideas don't come around that frequently,
and this is really happenstance."

Tom Chapman

"I felt if we were going to have our customers,
we should be able to supply them wherever they were in the world."

Jennifer Hyman

"I didn't start the Rent the Runway because i wanted to be an entrepreneur,
but because I wanted women to feed incredible about themselves every single day."

DHL Fashion Awards

In collaboration with our partners, we enabled young designers and fashion labels to accelerate and grow their businesses internationally through tailored programs and initiatives.

Together with the British Fashion Council (BFC) we ran the 2019 DHL Award for International Fashion Potential in the UK. The yearly competition rewards British fashion brands with mentoring and a £20,000 fund that helps them realize their potential to take their products to new, international markets.

In the US, DHL initiated the 2019 Logistics in Fashion Awards, which recognizes designers who made significant strides in expanding their business globally and are part of the CFDA’s extensive network of brands.

The 2019 Young Designer DHL Award in Italy was developed in collaboration with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana to help young designers gain more international reach and provide insights on e-commerce and trade regulations.

DHL also played an integral part in supporting design talents in Japan with the 2019 DHL Designer Award, its 14th season.

In Australia, the 2019 DHL Fashion Scholarship program provided logistics mentorship and a shipping credit of $10,000 AUS.

Fashion Weeks

Last year, we engaged in several major fashion weeks around the world, including London Fashion Week, Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo, and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks in Sydney and Moscow.

2020 has us excited to again be a part of the global fashion community. We will see you at Milan Fashion Week (Fall), Tokyo Fashion Week (Fall), Russia Fashion Week (Fall), and the IMG Fashion Laureate Awards in Australia.

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